Sunday, 25 August 2013

Day 2-4 In Captivaty: The Road to Eldorado

 Ok Pause one second you know how I said we were driving, It was actually just my dad turning on the generator for the R.V. After being brought up to speed by my brother I found that we were actually camping outside of our house for the next 3 days.  3 Days later...

   Well the past 3 days were uneventful to the point that I wont waste you time by describing them. Well its morning and now its time for us to depart and leave this town. I was so exited I forgot the my request for us to drive to the Eldorado amusement park was turned down. As my dad turned on the engine (for real this time) and pulled out of our driveway, cooly listening to our trademark song "Are we there yet"as this was happening I was thinking "this must be sharkatrass" and then we drive into the rising sun...... (it was vary bright my dad needed glasses)

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  1. What were you doing for those 3 days when you weren't even aware enough to notice that you weren't driving??? Aunt Mary