Sunday, 25 August 2013

Day 4-7 in Captivity: The Untolded Journey

    After we left my dad stopped for fuel after that we drove off to D.C . Our first day away from the crib was uneventful for me mainly because I was hiding in the back, laying on a bed like I always do one these “vacations” so I cant describe any thing despite James my younger brother pointing out the occasional cow and when we entered the desert the rare cow scull but when going through this I had to ask what happened to the rest of the cows body?

   The second day was a complete waste but I still have to point out that these storms are huge my dad hade to kick us out because it was dangerous and our slide had broke : (.  So good buy D.C. hello Red Bay Alabama, the location of the Tiffin R.V. factory. Later in the day another storm blew through but lucky we were of the highway and parked.

  The third day was packed with special action packed action including a breakdown mechanical and mental!?!  All included in a wrapped deal made with a buddle of my mom and here car. Well if you hadn’t guessed already my mom’s car broke down and we were stuck in a semi desert in which looked so bland it looked like the Bureau of land management took a dump on it. Well I was so ticked of that we stopped that I wasn’t paying any attention of what was going on if you want details go read my dad’s stuff.

  The forth and final day on our rerouted trip was REALLY uneventful because all we did is drive through the desert and the more we drove the more I thought how random of a place to make your H.Q. Well after 4 days of rapid driving, a car breakdown, and a mental break down we arrived rugged and weary into Red Bay Alabama.

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  1. Paul, most settlers in/immigrants to the USA arrived on the East Coast and then many continued on their quest westward bound, so settling in Alabama really isn't that random at all... Keep up the interesting writing! Love, Aunt Mary