Sunday, 25 August 2013

Prolog: An uncertain future

It all started out on a cool winter evening in mid November, I was lying down on a couch in my living room looking out the window at the black, foreboding clouds rolling silently over the hills that surround my home -- forever foreshadowing the dark days that were sure to come. Suddenly my mother calls out for the rest of my family to come to dinner. I am the first to arrive at the table for my mother made one of my favorite dishes, chicken with thai sauce and rice.  After the rest of my family assembles we say grace, and we dig in to the delicious meal. As we talked to one another my dad brought up the topic of driving a R.V around America. My mom seemed to support the idea, my brother and sister were thrilled by it.  I alone was the only one with any sense. It is funny looking back now --  it makes me wonder if I could have changed it all before it was all late. Well I’m getting ahead of myself I have a long story to tell…

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