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Day 68 in Captivity: Return of the Guy kinda

Well I have fallen to massive boredom and writers block and have given up on rewriting my adventures so instead I am posting all the content I have Scrambled together and see what you guys think of it….

Day 7-14 in Captivity:

Well were stuck here out in the sticks and I am not happy the days of fantasizing about flying R.V.’s is over the dawn of reality has begun, and this reality isn’t pretty what was planed as a 1-2 day stop by is gone we have found that a best case scenario is that we leave in 4-7 problem was we needed to leave in 1 day. So we all settle in for a long wait and in the morning of our second day here we set off to tour the R.V. factory; well the factory was cool it was run by 94% or something like that with man power PURE MAN POWER!!! But a up side of this stop is at the end of the factory tour the guild said that red bay has a bunch of hidden surprises and it is more than it appears. So she said if you’re interested in this go to her office and she has a bunch of pamphlets about the surrounding area and its “exciting features” and the coon dog grave yard that’s way out in the sticks whatever that means… so we head back and drive off to some place in the middle of nowhere and my hopes were not aroused when we reach a tiny log cabin with a lean-to and a bunch of grounded trailer and some corn silos. (well I have to say I was wrong about this place) Well apparently the restaurant was down a hill bye the grass plain and underneath a really neat stone over hang the whole thing was cool and the food was great; we all went home with our bellies full and we head home. The next day we head out to a swamp where Sarah got some sort of bug bite and then we went to the coon dog seminary where me and James mussed about molly being jealous of the dogs. The rest of the day was uneventful as far as I remember. The next day was comprised of slouching and a bit of dog washing done by mom. The next day after that one me and my dad went out to a local hard where store and built safety’s for our R.V.’s slides so we wont run into problems like this one again. Well todays our last day here and were spending it in the shop lounge and thanks to time laps magic the R.V. repairs are done and now we are setting off 2 WHOLE HOURS AHEAD “wow” sarcasm aside we continue on the next chapter of this grand adventure.

Sry guys but I’m writing this all on memory so I cant give more detail.

Day 41 in Captivity: The adventure begins for real

Today was very eventful, a bit too eventful for my liking, and it all also started like a terrible day. I had to babysit my sister for the evening the day before and my mom and dad were not coming back till 10:30 so I stayed up the whole time to look after the apartment even after my sister fell asleep. So when my parents got home I was really tired but to make matters worse I fell asleep slowly; the last time I looked at a clock was 12:28 A.M. So I woke up tired and exhausted and went to eat breakfast and headed off to the science museum with the rest of my family.

The metro to the since museum was great because I could sleep on it and the overall museum was fun. I especially enjoyed the gift shop; my brother and I were fighting with some toys in the back. After we put the toys back a clerk told us that racism is not tolerated and that we should stop making fun of people’s accents. I was so confused because, in my option, the American accent is the blandest accent in the world and there is no way I would make fun of some one else’s accent. Later I thought that I should have asked who complained so I won’t run into this problem again.

Well the metro back was worse then before because it was rush hour; we arrived at home finally but little did I know the real adventure was about to begin. My brother and I went to walk Molly and we went to our usual place across the street in a church garden. We walked in and everything seemed like normal. We were alone, besides a couple of boys at the other side of the park with bikes and a large dog. As we walked down to the park one of the boys shouted something at us. Neither James nor I could hear him so James yelled, “What?” The boy said something else that sounded vaguely like, “Where’s my lease on the ground?” I yelled, “What?” The guy rides over on his bike and asked me with a British ascent so strong he sounded like it was a threat, “Is your dog good with other dogs?” I take a second to look him over; he was wearing a white hoodie and was 2 inches shorter then me. After taking this in I say, “Yes”. He asked me the same question again and I answered again with, “Yes”. Then he asked me a third time with a little more force than before, “IS YOUR DOG GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS?” By now I was getting really annoyed with this guy so I said with a exasperated voice, “Yeah I would think I know my dog is good with other dogs; you see, I’ve had it for 3 years”. His reaction to this was completely unexpected he took my words as a threat. (Thinking back on it maybe an exasperated American accent is like an offensive British one.) We were reaching the end of the park and I was thankful as the kid I was talking to started yelling at me asking, “Who in the f@ck I think I’m talking to?” He also started to say that he will break my jaw and started to punch me and when I took a step backwards called me a pussy. (Because standing still and getting punched in the face wouldn’t be a pussy move.) Then he called over his friend who brought their dog and looked to be 5 foot 8 and asked me how old I was. I looked at him and said, “13”. He said he and his pal were 14. (I was a little underwhelmed by him but I was weary of his friend who was wearing the same hoodie as the first kid). He then said that he could punch my face in. I respond by saying, “In one punch, really?” He than goes and says where do you live and I react by saying in that apartment right over there and as I’m doing this I start to think about my chances in a fight with these punks. James has run for the hills with Molly and I’m standing still in front of these twerps glaring them down as they do the same. I then say, “Why on earth do you even want to threaten me? What on earth have I done to you that demands neck snapping?” The two of them think on this; the short guy says glancing over his shoulder as someone enters the park at the back, “We’ll let you two go this time but I will bust your jewels if I see either of you here again.” So I turn around and give James an eye roll, who was peeking around a tree looking wary, and as we walk back I was thinking those guys are so dumb. In a fight, I wouldn’t have to throw a punch to win; I was 10 feet a way from a road crowded with people and 40 feet away from our apartment.

Day 43 in Captivity: The Globe Theater

   Today we set off in relatively high spirits mainly because we dint have to do much walking and Sarah was left back at the apartment with my mom. So as we set of I ask my dad where are me going and he replied bye saying that first we were going to check out the London office from one of his old jobs (we were taking the metro for this one) and then we will see if anyone had given back there tickets to the globe to sell (metro this time), so we could enter the theater which before hand would have needed to be booked 2 month’s before hand. So we head off onto a double decker bus and wait for us to reach our stop.  When we reach our stop my dad give me and James all his spare coin and tells us to go of to a cafĂ© and wait for him to come back. So we do just that I get a hot chocolate and James jot an orange soda from Italy. About 20 minutes later me dad comes back and we head of to the nearest metro station and get on and off at the right stops and we arrive at the globe theater right on time to wait in line for 1 hour. My dad was hungry and so was my brother so they headed off to get sandwiches or so I thought…

37 minutes of line waiting later…

   Well my dad and James FINALY SHOWED UP I was pissed I had to stand in line and reassure the manager 3 times and what did I get nothing (kinda) while in line I managed to snipe myself 3 front row tickets on the first balcony the best seats in the whole theater. My dad was apprehensive about buying them for 39 pounds a pop but I had to remind him that people were starting to leave the live and only 1 ticket showed up before this one so he sighed and bought us 3 and gave me the 3 pounds change for my work.  So we set of to the famers market to get some food on our way I found the first plain crisps yet they were labeled sea salt crisps. So after eating lunch at the market we head back to the globe theater and from a tip off from one of my dad’s friends we got seat cushions for the play. Over all I think the play was excellent I dono if this was done at purpose but all the dark stuff like murders happened when the sun was behind a tower at one end of the theater so the whole theater turned gray expect for the blood on the bodies so over all I have to say that I am impressed with the old brits and as we head off I wonder how would the theater be lit at night.

If you guys liked all that then be ready our wifi is back up and all the fancy writing equipment is here aka: M. Word so be ready for my awesome daily updates. also sry that I couldn't sort the days in order  :(

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